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How-to Evaluate Congress – Federal/State Legislation, Congressional Members, Committee Activities, etc.

December 18, 2012

The following is an incredible resource for tracking U.S. Congress.  It is very difficult to keep up with all that is happening in Washington and at the state levels, yet it is imperative that as Americans we are well-informed and have quality data upon which to make educated decisions.  GovTrack provides an excellent set of tools to analyze much of that data in a variety of different ways … check it out

GovTrack helps you find:

  • The status of U.S. federal legislation
  • The status of state legislation
  • Voting records for the Senate
  • Voting records for the House of Representatives
  • Information on individual members of Congress
  • Information on congressional committees
  • Congressional district maps

GovTrack helps you monitor:

  • Major Activity on All Legislation
  • Enacted Bills
  • Legislation Coming Up
  • Roll Call Votes
  • Introduced Bills & Resolutions
  • Major Activity on All Legislation Except New Introductions
  • Committee Meetings
  • All Activity on State Legislation
  • Customized tracking lists to monitor the legislation and/or Members of Congress that are of the most interest to you

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