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Mathematicians, Scientists & Engineers — Not the kind of immigration the President wants?

December 6, 2012

House passes immigration bill

“Today, Republicans in the House made their first legislative overture to the community when they passed the STEM Jobs Act, a bill that ditches a program that issues 55,000 permanent residency visas by lottery, but automatically hands a permanent visa to immigrants working toward an advanced degree in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”


“While some Democrats joined in the 257 to 158 vote, most, including President Obama, oppose the measure because it gets rid of the Diversity Visa Program.”  By the way the bill refers to it as a “diversity lottery green card system”, not a “diversity program”  in other words our President would prefer to gamble away our future on a lottery.  Or should he recruit the best and brightest talent and reward those who will provide the greatest benefit to our great nation?  Reference Creating a “Brain Gain” for U.S. Employers: The Role of Immigration by the Brookings Institution.

How ironic that our President spends $1 billion on a program that seeks to hire 10,000 math and science teachers, yet at the same time aims to turn away immigrant mathematicians, scientists and engineers in favor of a green card lottery.


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  1. From the Wall Street Journal “Immigrant Scientists Create Jobs and Win Nobels”

    Famous U.S. Immigrant Scientists

  2. Summary & breakdown of House vote #613 results …

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